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jessica-delp-eI_bxQQINRE-unsplashEnjoy this wonderful article on the importance of poetry. Here are some excerpts: 

Kate Camp 
“Poetry is important because it gets into your bones, like music does, and then it’s always with you.” 

Susan Paris 
“That initial mystery in the first few lines is hard to beat. The wonder of where you’re headed, and the nature of the guide.” 

Ian Wedde ONZM 
“Poetry is important because it makes many different ways of seeing, experiencing and understanding other than literal ones – it subverts the predictable, it makes us think twice and see differently, it reorients or destabilises the relationships between language making sense and language unmaking sense we take for granted.” 

Cliff Fell 
“Poetry is important because it is what it is, the musical truth of human language.”