2018 Bermuda Triangle Prize

Catherine Cryan – Learning the Difference
Eric Hertz – Incarnation to Salt
Richard Thompson – The Bardo

Catherine Cryan – Buddleia, Unpruned
Robert Eastwood – Tikopia Island, Pacific Ocean
Eric Hertz –The Box in the Forest & The Seen and the Unseen
Angela Kay – Dust
Kristin LaFollette – Something Dangerous
Karla Linn Merrifield – The Walkers
Frank Rossini – Cicadae & Paolo’s House
Jeanine Stevens – Incomplete Dominance
Marissa Sumiré – Breathing Lessons
Richard Thompson –In the Air

Michelle Acker – Thaw
Ursula Black – Arboreality
Suzannah Dalzell –  All Rain Contains a Flood
Lisa DesRochers-Short – The Highbush Blueberries Flourish
Anne Graue – Some Things are Immutable
Charles Halsted – My River Princess
Carol Kanter – Ta Prohm
Dan O’Connell – Staring Into Space
Margo Moore – Night Sky
Amy Nawrocki – Fifteen Seconds
Tim Snyder – Migrant Hands
Sandy Thompson – Alongside the Deschutes