One-on-one Mentoring

The Poet’s Billow provides one-on-one study with published, working writers and professors who will cater lessons, assignments, and readings to you individually. Mentoring integrates today’s technology with traditional immersions in reading, writing, and discussion to allow students and mentors to develop close relationships and conduct deep discussions about the art of poetry and the act of writing it. Specific foci and scheduling are designed to fit your schedule and needs and can range from one-time meetings to extended, regular interactions.

Each session typically consists of a 30 minute phone call or Skype meeting in which you will discuss two of your poems and an assigned reading. Should you prefer, the session may be conducted by email correspondence. The poems and reading materials are exchanged one week prior to the session. For example, if you have a scheduled session on June 14th, you will send your mentor two poems by June 7th and your mentor will send you an essay on craft and/or a series of poems to read for June 14th. Sessions can be conducted weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or irregularly.

For more information please contact us with a description of what type of mentoring you are seeking and tell us a little bit about your background and experience with writing poetry. Your needs will be discussed and understood before the initial 30-minute session.

Session Prices:

25 Minutes – $65

45 Minutes – $110

Regular session prices may vary according to specific program design and writing level.

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