Submission Services

For the busy professional, those new to publishing, or the poet looking for a new readership, The Poet’s Billow will submit your poems and manuscripts so you have time to write and invest in the creative side of your art rather than the business side. Presses, book contests, and journals can be selected by you, or our writers here can select the best and most appropriate publications for you and your poetry.

We also submit chapbooks, full length manuscripts, short fiction, and to post publication awards for recently published books.

All services are arranged and priced according to your needs and goals. If you are interested additional services please let us know. 

$85 start-up/yearly fee
Each submission to a publication is $10:

Example: 20 submissions + yearly fee = $285

You can add submissions any time for up to a year. However, we will follow up on submitted material at no extra cost until all submissions are responded to even if that exceeds a calendar year.

What is Included:
Personalized Publication Strategy
Publication Team
Personal Contact with Person Submitting Your Work
Cover Letter
Formatting Services
Submission Reports
Response Tracking
Representative to Communicate with Publishers
Publication Contract Guidance

10 pages of poetry are included in the cost. We arrange those poems into custom submission packets for journals. Additional pages will be charged a fee reflective of length.

Retainer to Pay Submission Fees Charged by Publishers:
We are happy to avoid these fees, however, one thing to consider with submissions is how many journals have reading fees. Most good journals have a $2-$3 reading fee you must pay in order to submit. If you are submitting to a lot of journals, to well established journals, or those associated with MFA / PhD writing programs it is likely that eventually you will need to pay these fees. If these type of journals interest you we suggest setting up a retainer. Essentially you will pay the fees in advance to us with your initial payment. At the end of the submission process if there is a remaining balance in the retainer (meaning we did not use it all for submission fees) it will be returned to you or can be allocated for other services.

If we are submitting chapbooks, manuscripts, or to post publication awards a retainer will likely be required.

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