Submission Services

For the busy professional, those new to publishing, or the poet looking for a new readership, The Poet’s Billow will submit your poems and manuscripts so you have time to write and invest in the creative side of your art rather than the business side. Presses, book contests, and journals can be selected by you, or our writers here can select the best and most appropriate publications for you and your poetry.

All services are arranged and priced according to your needs and goals but here is a general break down of what we charge:

There is an initial $85 start up and submission maintenance. (Due to the popularity and work needed for this service the start up fee is being changed to a yearly fee: should we submit poems for more than a year. We will follow up on submitted material at now extra cost until they are responded to.)

After that each submissions is $7:
10 Submissions: $70
25 Submissions: $175

The initiating fee allows us to read and consider the poems and cover letter, research journals appropriate for the poems, prepare packets of poems, start spread sheets, an email address, and other odds and ends to set up the submission process. Once that is finished, each submission is $7 plus any additional costs that accrue in the case the journal requires a submission fee or takes only snail mail submissions (postage, envelopes, etc.). It is our desire to avoid these fees, but if we feel that your poems are a good fit for a journal with a fee, it is our recommendation that we send the poems there.

Not sure which poems to send to us, or if you do your own submissions what to send out? Let us help sort out some of your greatest poems to start submitting.

To pick ten poems to submit our # pages:
20 pgs – $30
50 pgs – $75
100 pgs – $150
130 pgs – $185

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