Literary Art Gallery

2018 Atlantis Award

2018 Pangaea Prize

2018 Bermuda Triangle Prize

2017 Atlantis Award

2017 Pangaea Prize

2017 Bermuda Triangle Prize

2016 Atlantis Award

2016 Pangaea Prize

2016 Bermuda Triangle Prize

2015 Atlantis Award

2015 Pangaea Prize

2015 Bermuda Triangle Prize

2014 Atlantis Award

2014 Bermuda Triangle Prize

2014 Pangaea Prize

2013 Atlantis Award

2013 Pangaea Prize Winner

2013 Pangaea Prize Finalists

2012 Atlantis Award

2 thoughts on “Literary Art Gallery”

  1. I love the quality and diversity of the poems. Thank you for such place to discover new poems and writers.

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