2020 Atlantis Award

Ana Pugatch – “Dissolution”

Amanda Dettmann – “This is Not a Phase” & “Happiness Unrushed”
Jacqueline Yang – “November before the surge” & “Instant Noodle”
Dawn Terpstra – “Letter to Further Isolation” and “Oxbow

Eileen Malone – “They Call Me Noncompliant”
Christopher Vaughan – “Amid the Climate Crises, I Address My Twins, at a Year Old”
Nkasiobi Mbonu – “A Sun Flowers Choice”
Pea Kay – “The Birth of a Galaxy”
Lee Alexander – “Bem Vinda a Florianopolis”

Jude Bradley
Chelsea Carey
Volomi Jeanne
Michelle Kogan
Chan Krisna
Chime Lama
Chi Kyu Lee
Jerry Lieblich
Karen Loeb
Mammatli Molefi
Diana Pinckney
Ellen Reynard
Natalie Voltz