Michelle Bonczek Evory

Michelle Bonczek Evory is the author of The Art of the Nipple (Orange Monkey Publishing 2013), Before Fort Clatsop (Finishing Line P, forthcoming), and the textbook Naming the Unnameable: An Approach to Poetry for New Generations (Open SUNY Press, forthcoming). Her poem “Entering the Body” appears in the 2013 Best New Poets anthology and her poetry has been published in over seventy literary journals and magazines, including cream city review, Green Mountains Review, Margie, New York Quarterly, Orion, and The Progressive. Her manuscript Through the Skin of This World was shortlisted for the Anthony Hecht Award through the Waywiser Press and her manuscript Where I Turn Bad was a semi-finalist for both the Miller Williams and Lexi Rudnitsky Awards. She is the recipient of the Sherwin W. Howard Award through Weber Contemporary West, the Jane Kenyon Award for poetry through Water~Stone Review, and The Consequence Prize through Consequences Magazine, and a grant from the Kalamazoo Arts Council. Her poem “Chilson Founder’s Day Harvest Festival” was Highly Commended by the Sentinel Literary Movement in London. In 2015, she and her husband poet Rob Evory were the innaugural Artists in Residence for the National Parks Arts Foundation at Gettysburg National Military Park. You can read an interview with Michelle and Rob about their experiences in Gettysburg at The Seminary Explores.

She has worked as an editor and reader for poetry publishers Eastern Washington University, Lost Horse Press, and New Issues Press, as well as the literary journals Third Coast, Willow Springs, and Redactions:Poetry & Poetics which she co-founded in 2002. In addition to the literary side of publishing, she has also worked as a freelance editor for the McGraw-Hill Companies.

Michelle received a PhD in Creative Writing from Western Michigan University, an MFA in Creative Writing from Eastern Washington University, and an MA from State University of New York at Brockport. She has taught creative writing at Western Michigan University, Spokane Valley Community College, and The Corbin Arts Center in Spokane, WA. She was an Assistant Professor of English at Lebanon Valley College in Pennsylvania for two years, and a Visting Professor at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, NY. Currently she teaches literature and writing at Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo Community College.


Some of her poems can be found at the following:

The Anthony Hecht Poety Prize: “19-19” and “Artery”

Apercus Quarterly: “The Vanishing”

Architrave Press: “Honeymoon”

Barnstorm: “Dear Neighbor”

The Coachella Review: “Blessings,” Crossing Ramapo River,” and “Lake Affected”

Colonus Publishing: 8 poems, 2016 Colonus Publishing Award Recipient

Connotation Press: “Separation in the Form of Fall,” “Return,” “Wooded ROriginal Coloroad,  Lake Superior”, “In Hidatsa”

Consequences Magazine: “Aria”

cream city review: “Where I Turn Bad”

DMQ Review: “Gush”

The Fertile Source: “The Courtyard” and “To the Unfertilized Eggs in my Ovaries”

Josephine Quarterly: “Rumination”

Mother Milk Books: “Evening Falls”

Orion Magazine: “Before Fort Clatsop”

Orion Magazine: “Advection, Nova Scotia”

Poetry Kanto: “The Call,” “Landscape,” Last Minute Text Message to HD Thoreau on Cabin Retreat 2012,” and “The First Ship”

Prompt Literary Journal: “Explaining Passion to the Minute Hand” and “Encounter”

Red Savina: “Yellow Daisies”

Revolver: “Salvation”

Slipstream: “The Hitchhiker”

Stone Canoe: “Burials Grounds”

Sweet: “I Dreamed of You Again,”

Town Creek Poetry: “Meriwether Lewis on Attraction.”

Verse Daily: “Hunger”

Weber Contemporary West: “A Roadside Attempt at Attraction,” “Plotting Distance,” and “Yaquina Bay, and Darkness”, “Final Hike” and “Milk”