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Yesterday Rob, who I hadn’t seen in a week, returned from California. This combined with teaching, working out, and other responsibilities pushed writing my poem for the day out of the way. This is what it’s like to be a writer.We have to fight to make time to write. We have to commit to the act of writing. We have to find solitude and erase from our minds the other voices and pressures of our day. Yesterday, I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to spend time with Rob. So, I may not have written a poem, but I did get to eat Mexican food and watch baseball with my husband who I had been missing for 7 days.

So, today I will be posting two prompts. If you made up your own yesterday, you can choose one. Otherwise, let’s see if we can write two today!

Palin and Trump Mash Up

In light of yesterday’s primary in Wisconsin, our fifth prompt will be political in nature…sort of. Sarah Palin and Donald Trump are both known for their wacky words and phrasing. Write a poem that mashes some of them together. The links below will take you to a quote generator for each of them, as well as videos and lists of some of the crazier things they’ve said. A lot of what Palin says is so musical, even if it is nonsensical. You can think of this as a nonsense poem, or you can revise to make the poem more sensical.

Sarah Palin Quote Generator

Wisconsin April 1st

Palin’s Endorsement of Trump

Sarah Palin Quotes

Trump Quote Generator

199 Tump Quotes