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Poetry makes us slow down. And in that lengthening space, we are able to look closely–at a painting, a memory, a tree, a comma. Whatever it is, we look for a long time.

We look with all of our senses.

We linger.

I once performed a meditation in which you focus your attention on time and imagine a bubble, a dome, settling over your surroundings. The dome allows you to be present and protects you from the world on the other side of the bubble where time moves fast. You know that feeling of how something just won’t end? Usually it’s something we don’t want to be doing, right? A day that just won’t end. Well, this meditation switches this common experience so you can slow the feeling of time passing while you did things you really wanted to do. We all know that slow feeling. This allowed you to change it from dread to pleasure.

Funny. When I’m creating in the zone/in the flow, time ceases to exist. I don’t know if time’s expanded or contracted. There is no time. And when we enter that reality, we see differently.

This video reminded me of that experience. I hope it’s one you are all making time to savor.

Hidden Paintings 

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