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The Blog of Gettysburg National Military Park

IMG_3721For the past two weeks we have been privileged with the opportunity to live in the historic Klingel House and immerse ourselves in Gettysburg National Military Park, the Gettysburg community, and the surrounding countryside. With each foggy sunrise, each new poem we write, and each photograph we take, we feel ourselves grow more attached to the landscape, to the people, to the history and realize how difficult it is going to be to leave at the end of July.

SONY DSCThis morning we watched the day break at the Pennsylvania Memorial Monument, picked up a large coffee to go, and watched the sun light the western hillside from Little Round Top. On our way to the top we passed a very large insect with very large pincers resting on a wooden railing. It had lost half its wing in its own type of battle.

Other mornings we have walked the roads…

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