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I love using the randomness of a dictionary to help me start writing and exercising my imagination. So today, a couple of options.

Option 1: Close you eyes, turn to a page in the dictionary and point. Write a poem about the origin of that thing. For instance: The Origin of Orion. The Origin of the Onion. The Origin of the Ski. In a way, you are writing the thing’s mythology.

Option 2: Flip through the dictionary twice and use the words to fill in the following title: Explaining ______to a ______. For example, Explaining Orion to an Onion. Explaining an Onion to a Ski. Try to explain the first word in terms of the second. How would a ski related to an onion? …maybe that layer between the first and second layer of an onion’s skin that’s slippery as a winter mountain for starters! Keep going!

Thanks to Rob Carney for the 2nd!

Write on!