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We are really closing in on the end of this April’s challenge. Three more poems!

Our 27th prompt asked us to write a love poem. Now, write a hate poem. Feel free to rant.

Maybe you’ve had it with a colleague, a boss, Donald Trump, the squirrel on the bird feeder (ding ding ding for me!). And you know what else I have had it up to here with? Have you noticed how long it takes for professional people to call you back or fulfill requests? I call a lawyer every week for a month–it takes a month for him to call and he doesn’t leave a message. I request a document from a doctor and she doesn’t send it until I call five times. I send an email and recieve no answers to my questions until I email again and call twice. Also, I move the feeder, change the location of the baffle, and the damn squirrel still ends up on the feeder spilling seeds all over the ground.

You get the idea.

Rant on!