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Holy cow–here we are. The last day of the April Poetry Month Challenge. If you have written a poem every day this month, congratulations! It is not an easy thing to do. Three times I fell behind on posting a prompt due to family and work.It has been restorative and an act of discipline to commit to the challenge. It is rewarding in many ways. Even if you didn’t write 30 poems, you have written something! And that is something to be jubilant about.

For your last prompt, write a poem that starts with an end and ends with a beginning. Think of images or subjects related to endings–the last page of a book, December 31st, graduation. And then something that we associate with beginnings: daffodils, the lights dimming in a theatre, an umpire yelling, “play ball!”

Thank you again for tuning into the Billow for this year’s prompts. If you’re on a roll, keep going! We’ll look forward to seeing your poems in our contests :)

Write on!