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It is April once again. The month we’ve nationally dedicated to poetry and poetry awareness raises my own awareness each year, too. In years past I’ve met the April Poetry Challenge and wrote a poem every day. Last year on TPB I shared daily prompts to inspire writing in all of you. This year I find myself thinking about awareness and attention.

At Western Michigan University the semester is about a month away from over and papers and deadlines are begin to heap. The weather is warming and so is the garden and house renovations calling. I have a tooth distracting me with appointments and pain, a fridge that needs constant stocking and cleaning, cats with their litter boxes, dust settling on the shelves. There are bills stacked on the table, laundry in the basket, a car belt screeching, and what seems like endless phone calls and emails to return. Outside my own little world I manage, the new Administration works to dismantle healthcare, environmental protections, privacy rights–rights of all sorts for all sorts.

What’s that you say? Write a poem? Read poetry?

So, this poetry month I’m going to work to focus my attention–no matter how briefly–on places and things where poetry grows, and away–no matter how briefly–from things that seek to destroy it. “Poetry” in a loose sense. Not necessarily written or verbal. I’ll open my eyes each day and see what the universe delivers. An image, idea, fact, discovery. Something of beauty. Some small delight.

What the universe offers to me, I will in turn offer to you, dear reader, dear writers.

May this April fill you with delight.

Write on,