Our Poets

As a new enterprise, The Poet’s Billow is starting small with the hope and intention of expanding. With increased interest, the number of poets working through TPB will increase and its diversity widen.

Michelle Bonczek-Evory

Robert Evory

Mike Dockins

11 thoughts on “Our Poets”

  1. Impressive amount of credentials on the three of you! I hope to achieve what you have some day sooner rather than later. In May I find out if National university will accept and approve my MFA thesis and if so I’ll earn my MFA in July 2017! Any tips on the path from here?

  2. thank you for visiting my blog, very much like yours!

  3. Humbled and grateful for your kind visit to my blog … Blessings and love …xxx meg

  4. Thanks for liking my writing ‘Dytiscus Marginalis’.

  5. nigelgood18 said:

    Thank you for visiting Another Way Of Saying and liking some of my work. This has given me fresh confidence, i love your site and will return regularly: very supportive and encouraging! Thanks again..

  6. :) Thanks for liking “Simple” … it is such fun to connect over words … :) Write ON! Shirley

  7. Always appreciate hearing about new forays in creative expression
    Blue Skies

  8. Hello!

    I enjoyed reading about you both. Having received no formal education in poetry, it’s cool to have shared a little tidbit with someone who actually knows what they’re doing. ;) I very much appreciate that.

    Hope to stop by again in the future!


  9. Lamberta said:

    Great site. I’m definitely in. :)

  10. Thanks for your support. We are thrilled you enjoy the site.

  11. I am interested in The Poet’s Billow, and will be submitting for the Atlantis and/or the Pangaea. I will also keep checking back here for more information.

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