The Pangaea Prize

*Submissions are Currently Open

The Pangaea Prize is awarded for the best series of poems ranging between two and up to seven poems in a group. Judging will be based on poems as individual entities as well as their cohesiveness – that can be in terms of common themes, images, narrative or however else you would like to group your poems. All poems must be previously unpublished.  There are no restrictions to length or style.

The winning poet receives $100 and will be featured in an interview on The Poet’s Billow web site. The winning poems will be published and displayed in the Poet’s Billow Literary Art Gallery. Finalists will also be considered for publication.

We nominate for the Pushcart Prize, Best of the Net Anthology, and The Best New Poets Anthology.

Visit our Literary Art Gallery to read our previous winners and finalists.


As entries will be read blindly, your name and contact information should not appear on the poems themselves.

Attach all poems in a single word document.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted as long as you send an email if a poem needs to be withdrawn. Multiple submissions are allowed with a paid submission fee for each set of poems.

Submit Early – Worried about submitting earlier and paying for an entry you will have to withdraw: we will allow you to replace withdrawn poems until the end of the reading period. If you need to withdraw a poem, please do so by replying to the confirmation email sent for your entry.

Each entry of up to seven poems costs $10 which should be paid through the paypal link below. Attach the poems as a single document in an email to Please format subject line (First, last name — Pangaea Prize)

Poet’s Billow editors will judge the contest. Friends, relatives, and former students who have studied with the judges in the last two years are not eligible. Students who have only taken 1-2 week workshops with the judge remain eligible.

Submission period: January 13th, 2023 

Submission deadline: May 1st, 2023

Pangaea Prize



33 thoughts on “The Pangaea Prize”

  1. Thank you for liking my post! I’ll see how I do with the contest.

  2. Thank you for visiting my poetry posts on WP. If I had known…..should have and would have posted my Winter Faries series…. the series too two years to write…
    Oh well…. now I know……
    Maybe next year I’ll have something ready and not posted on the http://www….
    Again, thank you for visiting my WP poetry..
    Sincerely, Bonnie

  3. smilinglikecake said:

    Thanks for liking “wtfu” and drawing my attention to this prize. Can you tell me what the best new poets anthology is? Does the winning poet receive a complimentary copy of that anthology?

  4. Intriguing!

  5. To be safe if you plan on submitting a piece to a literary journal you should NEVER put it on your Facebook page or blog.

    On FB there are three categories for sending notes: Friends, Friends of Friend, and Everyone. As it stated on a FB note “allows you write and PUBLISH short notes on your profile”. This is hitting on a debatable line. If it is a private note that does not allow the public to see it should be fine, but intent has big part to play; if it is viewable by a lot of people it may be considered published, but if it is for the intent of revision it might not be. As a general rule for published poems, if you can google a line of your poem and it is visible on the web search, it is published. Although even password-ed blogs are considered a publication, so be careful.

  6. Can I submit my poems shared as FB notes amongst my friends? After submission, I could change the privacy settings of the notes as well so that they aren’t accessible to anyone.

  7. I have self-published a group of poems in Mexico that is not available in any bookstores in the states. Can they still be entered? Can poems published on Amazon or Kindle be submitted?

  8. Thank you for stopping by my blog whims and fancies. I look forward to the contest.

  9. thank you for visiting my blog, and liking “watercolor tears.” Is this contest repeated yearly? I fear I do not have sufficient time to enter this year…but i will keep it in my poet’s heart. thank you! i SHARED it on my Facebook page.

  10. Thanks so much for liking my blog post, “Breathing Deeply.” I suppose it did contain some poetic phrases. :) I will link to this announcement so others can participate in your challenge.

  11. wisperin9shad0s said:

    Thanks for stopping by, and letting me know about this prize! I may be trying my luck, too

  12. Thank you for your visits to my blog. Fortunately, since I am new to blogging I do have some poems that I have not posted on my blog. Looking forward to throwing my hat in the ring!

  13. EnduranceWarrior said:

    so I really can’t enter my poetry series because I work on a blog???

    • Unfortunately that is correct. We only publish previously unpublished poems. Like a majority of other publications we include online journals and blogs within the definition of published.


  14. Leah Shaper said:

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Looking forward to enteringn the Pangea contest. Quick question: what file formats are acceptable for submission? *.doc? *.pdf? *.odt?

  15. I will go look through the old notebooks and see if I can find something to enter, Thanks for checking out my blog post ‘Masochist’ on Black & White. That was a tough one to post

  16. Can I write about the contest on my blog so others can know about it?

  17. Can multiple submissions be made to the contest?

  18. Thanks for visiting my blog. Will enjoy revisiting your site.

  19. Hi, and thanks for visiting my blog, Be Whole Now. In your world, does “previously unpublished” preclude poetry that one has posted on one’s own blog? Hypothetically speaking, of course… (:

  20. Are there limits to how many lines the poem can have?

  21. Can anyone from around the world enter?

  22. vivienferrars said:

    Look forward totrying my luck iwith an entry in your Pangaea prize.