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The Poets Billow is happy to announce the winner of the 2013 Pangaea Prize. Here is an except from Caitlin Scarano’s Entry. Visit our Literary Art Gallery to read seven of her finally crafted poems. 

Losing It

God came to me like a drunken man
running from a car accident. God came

at me with a mouth full of snow, blood
& broken teeth. I used to be alone.

I used to wake up without an arm across my neck.
No boys or gods licking the sole of my shoe

or testing the rope ladder hooked in my lower lip.
Sinning is storytelling –

you always look them in the eye. Your body
always betrays you. God came to me

like the accident itself. No, he came at me like the tree
that parted the car, or the girl that parted

the windshield. The only car accident I was ever in
was the night I lost my virginity in the backseat.

God wasn’t there.
Just a frightened, frightened boy.

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