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We are proud to be announcing the 2016 Pangaea Prize winners and finalists. We have two runners-up this year. We published both of their entries which means we have 3 collections being published for this contest. Go to the site and check out some great collections along with a selection of our finalists.

Congratulations to  Lauren Henley for winning the 2016 Pangaea Prize. She is the winner of the 2017 Perugia Press Award and the poems appearing on The Poet’s Billow are from her unpublished book called Whole Night Through. Check them out!

The Poet’s Billow is also now welcoming submissions to the Bermuda Triangle Prize and the 2017 Pangaea Prize. If you would like to stay updated on contests and publications in the future you can join us on Facebook and Twitter.

L.I. Henley

Sarah Ann Winn
Catherine Cobb Morocco

JC Reilly
Peter Ludwin
Rob Carney
Amy Nawrocki
Therese L. Broderick
Cassondra Windwalker
Flower Conroy

John Bergholz
Maril Crabtree
Candice Iloh
David Bublitz
Jack Cooper
Kimberly Williams
Mary Kay Rummel
Bo Niles